Bucks parties are hit and miss at the best of times. Often it’s a booze fuelled sausage fest at the local pub or another low quality establishment that guests endure because they’re “doing it for the buck”. We’re here to say, stuff the buck, this day is all about you having just as much fun and not burning cash on a crappy event. We’ve curated a list of activities and places for your next bucks party that hopefully do the trick.

Lawn bowls 

(For the buck that’s blown all his money on wifey)

Low cost and suitable for all types

In Australia, lawn bowls have become a pastime of the ageing and the Carlton Draught-drinking weekend crew. Possibly the most affordable and easy bucks party involves grabbing a group of your mates, heading down to the local Bowls Club and spending a lazy sunny afternoon throwing a few ends. It’s low fuss and will cost some jugs of beer for each attendee. You’ll get a tan and nobody will feel like they need to sell a kidney to attend. Our easiest and most cost effective bucks party solution!

Hire a penthouse for a night 

(For the buck who likes a hot tub)

Don’t be a pussy, go full Hangover

Nothing says ‘we’re just like the schmucks off The Hangover’ like throwing down the AMEX and getting a penthouse at the coolest hotel in the city for a night. With all the crew kicking in, it will be a much cheaper affair and you never know who you’ll wake up spooning the next morning. You’ll be close to action so call ahead at the nightclubs to ensure the sausage brigade gets in. Hire some entertainment – dancing bears or something resembling aThe Wolf of Wall Streetparty.

Shooting Range

(For the buck who’s not Oscar Pistorius)

This one is a personal favourite because it requires skill and is not a normal activity for most bucks parties. In Australia shooting ranges are not in large numbers, but gathering a select group of mates for some target practice not only gives them a new experience but bragging rights on the way home. It’s a controlled environment, but we still recommend leaving dickheads at home for this.

Private Poker Room

(For the buck who likes a flutter)

6 million, all in

Casinos now have private poker rooms for hire. That means playing some old fashioned Texas Holdem with your own private dealer and waiters. If you’re a classy bunch, it’s a chance to put on a tuxedo and pretend to be James Bond and Le Chiffre for the night. Formal Fridays, here we come!

Hire A Private Box At An Event 

(For the sport or music guy)

Jezalenko, you beauty!

If music or big sporting events are your thing, then go the extra mile and hire a corporate box for the bucks party. You’ll be entertained for hours and drink and food will keep the tank full before you hit the town that evening. Ideally pick something that all the boys will enjoy, which means Andre Rieu and the Wiggles are out of the question.

Private Dining Room 

(For the food lovers)

Calm before the storm

Another personal favourite – hiring a private dining room at a nice restaurant for 12 or so gents. Get yourself a set menu with matching wines. You’ll get a lesson on a variety of plonk that matches the food. It’s educational and nourishing at the same time. If you want, hire some half-time entertainment to keep the lads happy. Just be sure to leave before everyone gets too sideways.

Advanced Drive Day

(For the car lovers)

A 300 km/h kind of day

We’ve all done go-karting, so how about going one better and organising a drive day? Drive days are run by the likes of BMW, Audi and Porsche and involve getting to sample a range of their latest and greatest. I’ve done a few of these and they’re fantastic, and perfect for a group of guys. At the end of the day everyone gets a certificate and something to talk about long after the buck has been divorced. Gentleman, start your engines. Can’t afford this? Then go-karting…

Wine Appreciation Course

(For the wine lovers)

Get some class, will ya.

Why not combine learning and drinking for the bucks party? A wine appreciation course is a good way to burn a few hours, drink and have some witty banter. Wine appreciation courses are available in most capitals cities and there’s no shortage of sommeliers will to lend a nose. You can then stagger onward to dinner or the disco.

Video: Wine's Cool - Class 1: Basics of Wine

Wine Appreciation Course
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Wine Appreciation Course pictures
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pictures Wine Appreciation Course

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Watch Wine Appreciation Course video

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