Wire and Bead Pendants

10 wire and bead pendants- a master class on weaving wire and bead pendants. In each "step" is an instruction on the nailing of a new pendant. Pendants are simple and using this technique you can create your own pendant.

Materials and tools:

  1. wire for weaving;
  2. beads and beads;
  3. pliers and nippers.

Step 1

To make this pendant, we will form a square frame with loops on the corners. Without cutting the wire, we will continue to wind the wire on the frame, gradually closing the inside of the frame, leaving a small window in the center of the pendant (see figure). After that, we hang beads on the 3 corners of the pendant, just hang the bead in the center of the pendant. The pendant is ready.

Step 2

Cut a piece of wire, make a loop at one end of the wire, put 3-4 beads on the wire. Then make a round around the beads and continue making turns until the desired result is obtained, leave a small tip of the wire and wind it around the turns at the bottom of the pendant.  Now cut 2 small pieces of wire and also wind around the coils from the sides of the pendant.

Step 3

Pendant in the shape of a heart. Cut a piece of wire, twist it at one end, put on 3 beads, make a loop, and twist the other end too. Let's make it in the shape of a heart and connect two spirals with a wire.

Step 4

Very simple to make a pendant. To make it, follow the steps shown in the figure.

Step 5

A more interesting pendant, before you start to do it, we advise you to draw on the paper the "steps" of twisting the wire. It will take a large bead. which will be located in the middle and 5 small pieces of wire to fix the design of the pendant at the specified points.

Step 6

This pendant looks very much like a nest. It is also done very simply, and the technique is similar to that used in the second “step” (second pendant). Cut a piece of wire,we put 3 large white beads on it and start winding the coils around these beads. When the coils are complete, cut the small pieces of wire and fix the turns of the wire.

Step 7

The pendant "The musical key". Cut a piece of wire and twist it in the form of a musical key, add beads. The pendant is ready.

Step 8

Were already looking like a pendant in the "first step" (was square), using the same technique, weave a triangular shaped pendant and add 3 beads.

Step 9

Simple, but at the same time interesting pendant (abstract). The weaving pattern is well represented in the figures.

Step 10

The "Butterfly" pendant. Cut a small piece of wire, fold it in half and sell both ends into a large bead, bend the ends, making a butterfly mustache. Then we wind the wires on the "body" of the butterfly, making it thicker. Also from the wire we will make the wings of a butterfly and from the thinner wire the inside of the wing. The butterfly pendant is ready.

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