Wire Spider Decoration

Easily and simply make Spiderfromwire and glass beads, for example, on Halloween. The production of one will take only 10-15 minutes.

Materials and tools:

  1. glass spider body bead;
  2. wire;
  3. soldering iron;
  4. tool.

Step 1

We take a bite from the wire and wrap it around the bead and leave the tips (see photo). Then bite off another 4 pieces of wire for the legs: 2 pieces longer for the front and rear legs and 2 pieces shorter for the middle ones.

2 segments for the front and rear legs bend at an angle of 90, 2 segments for medium - at an angle of 30-45.

Step 2

We fold the legs of the spider together, as shown in the photo, and using a soldering iron, we drip a little solder in the center in order to solder the legs.

Step 3

Now attach the spider's body to the legs. Put the body of the spider next to the ends of the wrapping ring were on topfoot joints.

Then, also using a soldering iron, solder the body to the legs. You must be careful not to melt the solder joining the legs.

Step 4

At the end, it remains to finally fix the shot bead. We put our spider on its feet (see photo) and, using a soldering iron, melt the solder around the entire circumference of the bead over the wire. If the bead will overheat, then you need to stop and wait for it to cool.

Bend the leg spider with pliers and you're done.

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