Wish Box

To decorate a New Year tree it is possible here such small boxes with a surprise inside. In each herringbone-box you need to hide a note with a wish. Invite guests to choose any Christmas tree. And let the wish come true. 1. Materials and tools: • Thick colored paper. • • Scissors. • • Pencil. • • Paillettes. • • PVA glue.
Materials and Tools
2. We transfer the template to dense colored paper.  box template drawing
 cut out the workpiece
3. We bend all four sides along the perimeter of the square inside.
 bend the template
4. Lateral wavy edges bend outwards.
 we are angry with the side
5. Put a note in the center with a wish.
 smear glue
6.We glue the crown of the Christmas tree.
stick together
7. Glue any bow.
we tie a bow
8. Herringbone is ready.
 wish box

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