Witch doll

In the modern world of needlework there are a lot of different areas of manufacturing things, household items, toys, etc. own hands. Now it is fashionable to sew Tild dolls. But, unfortunately, our Old Slavic beregaine dolls were completely unfairly forgotten! They were made not only to decorate the interior, but also as ceremonial symbols or gifts that had a specific purpose. They were made of various materials at hand: clay, rags of cloth, straw, etc. Ahead of women’s favorite holiday is March 8th! Banal gifts have already bored and do not deliver joy and pleasant surprise. The presented doll will not only cause admiration for your skill, but also will surely cause positive emotions, being remembered for a long time!
 doll charm
You can make a doll charm from what you have . This can be ordinary sewing thread, any yarn, etc. This MK describes the production of dolls from a brush. You can purchase it at any building or hardware store. the doll preserved
For work we need:
  • glue gun;
  • multi-colored satin ribbons of different widths
  • >
  • cloth flaps;
  • matches;
  • scissors;
  • brush from the broom;
  • li>
  • needle;
  • transparent adhesive tape;
  • little lace;
  • scissors
  • Untying knots on the brush with the help of the sharpened edge of the knitting needle. The resulting strings are not discarded, they are still useful in the future.
    a doll charm
     doll preserved
     the doll preserved
    Inside the bast is compressed by the bark of the tree, which is not only bad fixed, but also crumbles. Why around on the table to become garbage constantly. We press the bark with one hand and secure transparent tape with the other with the free hand.
     doll of the guard
     charm doll After that we straighten the fibers as shown in the photo for forming the future head of our doll.
     doll of the guard
    We bind the remaining strings on two nodules above the edge bark,leaving long ends for the eyelet.
     charm doll
    Using needles to align the fibers.
    doll charm
    Separate equal bundles for hands on the sides.
    doll preserved
    At level 1 / 3 all the lengths of the bundle are tied with the remnants of the hook, first on one knot. If you use threads, then two, since the node from them will “slide”.
     doll preserve
    Bend in half and place the bundle on the first knot.
    doll amulet
    We now tie in two knots and fill the ends of the hook inside the bundle.
    >img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/9/1503-kuklu-obereg.jpg" alt="the charm doll" title="the charm doll">
    We repeat same procedure and with a friend First side. As a result, it should turn out like this.
     doll charm
    We cut the protruding fibers from both sides with scissors.

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