With a little effort and imagination the guy turned the coil into the decoration of his interior.

A huge wooden coil has already served its time, but one guy noticed an unusual thing. He decided to use a massive structure for the realization of his old dream. With a little effort and imagination, he turned the bulky thing into the decoration of his interior.

The coil was completely disassembled into its components. At assembly new forms are formed!

I had to add a few sheets of plywood, which will strengthen the future piece of furniture.

The master made the necessary measurements several times, and only after that joined the details together.

As a frame used thick wooden beams.

When all the details were ready, the assembly of the final design began.

Additional support allowed to create several levels.

It remains to secure the wall structures.

The whole construction was sheathed with ordinary plywood.

And after that, the most expensive part of the alteration was the sheets of steel. They allowed the furniture to look incredible.

Here it has become clear what will happen in the end ...

With the aid of the stain, the wood was given a rich shade.

Looks very stylish!

The lower part of the coil turned into a panel on the wall, to which several shelves were attached.

As a result of a major alteration, the guy became the owner of his own bar!

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