With simple paper, you can make stunning curls. Simply and easily

  • Anonymous

    The old Soviet way 50-60-ies. Nothing new(((((((((

    • Anonymous


    • Yes, this method even 200 years at least))) Vintage women's hairstyles - curls did)))

    • Veronica

      An ancient, centuries-old way, if you read the literature!
      It is called papilotki. It is done on rags, what for to exhaust a paper? I do not believe that it will not tear from wet hair.

  • Elizabeth

    Now there are curlers like that, on a wire. Take what form is necessary. And curls are great.

  • Veronica

    Do not keep such curls all day, if the hair is not suitable for this. On the beer must be twisted or sugar water. The same ancient way as the papilotki themselves.

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