With the help of some tricks you can choose a dress for any figure.

Every woman should have a dress that is suitable for many different situations. Different silhouettes and styles are able to emphasize the merits of different types of figures and hide what you do not want to show. Here is a guide to the main models.

Suitable for all body types:

Long sundress free cut from the fabric with a geometric print.

Dress sweater free silhouette.

Maxi dresses are A-silhouettes, which correct any shortcomings.

Straight dress silhouette Shift, without fitting the figure.

Sheath dress made of thick fabric, lines silhouette.

Dress shirt without a tight fit.

Dress kimono from flowing materials.

For girls with a lush figure fit the following dresses:

Smock dress with a cut on the chest line. In addition, it will be an excellent option for an evening dress for pregnant women.

A dress bag above the knee will suit short girls with a curvaceous figure, and below the knee high.

Dress with the smell, with a V-shaped neck hides the extra centimeters and lengthens the neck.

Dress-overalls will balance the heavy lower part of the body - ideal for owners of wide hips.

Slender and miniature girls will suit dresses of the following styles:

A dress in linen style can add volume. In addition, it is unlikely to leave something hidden.

Dress "mermaid tail" is shown to owners of a thin waist.

Dresses in the form of tunics add to the image of femininity and volume. Choose thin weightless fabrics.

Dresses-balloons are suitable for girls with different figures, but they look particularly impressive on slender ones.

The "Baby-Dollar" dress is recommended for slender girls under 25 years of age. And older women better to pay attention to more restrained and elegant models.

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