What is fashion jeans to wear?

The number of varieties of modern models of jeans trousers can be envied by any other detail of the wardrobe. Long, short, flared, with a different waistline - among them there is everything to create a convenient and fashionable image for all occasions. Consider five current models and stylish additions to them.


Cropped denim pants can open the ankle or even the middle of the calf. If you got this trend, it's time to visit. Sporty-style flats are suitable for light stretch models, as well as:

  • T-shirts,

  • Hoodie,

  • loose shirts,

  • cotton blouses.

Classic dark denim looks great with pointy ballet shoes. Also, they will go jacket, strict jacket, elongated vest.


Under these defiant pants, it’s better to choose a simpler, even minimalist top. Harmoniously complement boyfriends:

  • white T-shirt, black ankle boots, black coat,

  • bodily pumps and pullover / golf in white or beige,

  • leather jacket, sneakers and a modest T-shirt.

In the image with the boyfriends, it is the trousers that play the main violin, everything else only emphasizes their identity with their simplicity.

With cuts on the knees

Skinny with slots on his knees became the master of the summer season. Since you already bare your skin in an unexpected place, it is better to choose closed shoes. For example, suede shoes with lacing or the same ballet flats, but with a high tongue. It is appropriate to look like a monophonic material, and all sorts of rubbing, antique styling. Original interpretations of fashion ballet shoes can be found in the catalog with thousands of models in different price categories.

High Waist

Any pants with a high waistline visually lengthen the legs. And jeans also remove a couple of extra pounds from the hips and barrels due to a noticeable slimming effect. This can be used to put on shoes with a flat sole, a cropped top, or coyly tie a shirt at the waist. Add fashionable glasses or a cap with a visor to the image, and feel free to go for a walk or a meeting with friends.


Flared jeans look more appropriate with a heel and a classic top. Jackets with a fold-over collar add chic to the 70s, and knitted cardigans and bulky bags create a relaxed urban look for everyday activities. If you do not want to torture feet with a high lift, shoe traditional sneakers and a light cotton jacket. In the latter case, the absence of heels is compensated by the original design of the socks of shoes.

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