Wonder Lose for half an hour without knitting needles and hook!

We found for you a master class that we really liked.Tip:To make it beautiful, you need to take thick threads, very thick! Giant knitting hands without knitting needles and hook. In order to learn to knit, do not need anything but yarn. Believe it?

All that you see in this article is sleight of hand and no fraud. The person who thought of using his own hands instead of thick needles should be given an order for an idea. Knitting with hands without knitting needles and hooks is very simple, very quickly and simply hilariously fun.

Knitting with hands without needles and hooks

Knitting fingers for beginners is even easier than knitting with a tool. Once the algorithm is remembered, you will be able to knit even with your eyes closed or under the table at work. We will tell you how to tie a scarf-collar without knitting needles and hook. The thing is trendy and practical.

Choosing a yarn

You can use any yarn for knitting without needles and a hook. From thick and fluffy yarn products are obtained volume, and from thin - fantastically openwork.

In order to knit a scarf-collar, 3 skeins with a thickness of 100 m and a weight of 100 g are required.Select the composition to your taste, but it is better to save from the cold or mixed yarn made of wool and acrylic.

The size of the finished scarf is 150 cm long, about 30 cm wide.

Start knitting

Follow the illustrations, explain on the fingers! Knitting for beginners should be elementary - even a child can handle it.

A set of loops: knitting with hands without knitting needles and a hook also starts with a set of loops, right on the right hand. Take the threads from 3 skeins and make the first loop at a distance of about 1.5 m from the end. Put the loop on your right hand and tighten. Tail the loop on the left hand from the bottom up, take the left hand, left behind, a working thread and pull the loop. Put the new loop on your right hand and tighten. Make 10 loops.

First row: place the working thread on the thumb of your right hand, make a fist. Pull the wrist off the fist. In the right hand will be a new loop, put it on your left hand and continue in the same spirit with all the others.

The second row is knit in mirror reflection. Continue to knit from right to left and from left to right until you finish. On the last row leave about 4 meters of yarn.

On such thick "knitting needles" work goes quickly.The scarf can be tied in just half an hour. If you need to postpone for a while knitting with hands without knitting needles and hook, just remove it from your hand. When putting knitting back on, make sure that the loops are not twisted.

The last row: tie 2 loops as usual, then just remove the first one from your hand, leaving the second on your wrist. Knit 1 more, remove the previous one. When the last loop is left, take the end of the working thread, thread it and tighten.

Sew the ends of the scarf: align the edges, from the rest of the thread, pull the loop through the loops of the two outer rows, pull the next loop through the loops and the working loop. At the end, tighten the loop, hide the end.

The scarf is ready.

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