Remains of wood help transform a room

In the case when you already have a sufficiently large amount of antiques made of wood in your house, but it is a pity to throw them away, it is recommended to use them in the decor of the room. Panels made of wood are used to decorate the living room, kitchen or guest room. Do not need to buy paint and painstakingly paint all the boards in one tone. Due to their diversity and dissimilarity in color, the dwelling will be, has an original and quite attractive appearance.

Initially, it is recommended to opt for furniture, because it will also be a wonderful and original decoration of the wall and the entire interior. Definitely, if the wood is already rotten or rotten, then it should be thrown away, it is unsuitable for use.

Of the remaining wooden parts, you must make the panels, they will be an excellent decoration in the building, in addition, they will help to hide the existing flaws that can be traced in the wallpaper.

If the house has a corner room of small dimensions, then it can also be completely original decorated. At the top, it is recommended to choose panels of the same color, different colors will suit for the bottom, they will give brightness and originality to the room. It is also possible to create a bright color panel scheme. Here everything will depend on your imagination, you may want to add a highlight and paint the panels in all colors of the rainbow.

Initially, it is recommended to cut the remaining remains of wood into small panels up to 20-30 centimeters in size, they should be fixed to the wall with a special glue or nails. And if the panels are laid in the form of an original pattern, the room will immediately change and become unique.

Thanks to this material, the walls will become environmentally friendly and unlike those components that are commonly sold in specialized hardware stores. Guests will be surprised by the pleasant texture and originality of the finish, because, among other things, such panels will last more than a dozen years!

What's interesting, decorating walls is a quick process.If the owner of the house has a large supply of time and love of work, then creating a real masterpiece for him will not be a problem. This design can be compared with the mosaic that came to us from the time of antiquity. This is a fascinating and completely absorbing process, it allows you to forget about existing problems.

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