Wooden napkin box

If you want to give someone an original gift with your own hands, or just to do something new for yourself, but you can’t decide what it is, then I suggest you consider such an option. The wooden napkin casket is not only made easy, but it looks decent. And also, any plain napkin can be decorated so that it can become as a result a whole work of art. For a casket, you do not need a lot of material, just a napkin, a piece of leather or fabric that is sturdy, and two cards for the sides. And for decorating, you can choose anything. Any pebbles, beads, lace, braid, everything fits.
 Casket from a wooden napkin
Well, the process itself: 1. We coat the entire surface of the napkin with PVA glue and glue the skin. Let's dry a little, then cut off excess on the edges.
 Casket from a wooden napkin
2. Now glue over the side skin with a fabric or skin.I got one-sided leather (inner part), and for the exterior I found a nice fabric.
 Casket from a wooden napkin
3. But to glue the sides is no longer needed for PVA. I stuck with super glue, but you need to remember that it is liquid, so be careful.
 Casket from a wooden napkin
4. As a form, it’s not at all difficult, the main thing is an exact calculation. Well, now you can proceed to the most interesting process, this decoration. I did not have to think a lot, because I have flowers, I did it for the future. Red pebbles stuck on the glue. Dark stones on super glue.
 Casket from a wooden napkin
In such a nice casket there is always something to put, and it is not a shame on a gift. Enjoy your crafts!
Wooden napkin casket

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