Woolen pompoms for a scarf

Woolen pompoms for a scarfdo-it-yourself - a master class that will help you make woolen pompons that you can decorate a scarf.

Materials and tools:

  1. Yarn (blue, blue, white)
  2. thick cardboard;
  3. compasses or saucers
  4. pencil;
  5. scissors;
  6. hook;
  7. ruler.

Step 1

Before you start creating a scarf, you need to make a pattern on which we will wind the yarn. We put on a tight cardboard a small saucer and we circle. You can also use compasses.

Step 2

We got a circle, inside of which we draw another one. From the difference in their sizes depends on the size of the pom-pom. Cut a pattern from cardboard. In total, you need 2 such patterns.

Step 3

Now fold the cardboard templates together.   We take the yarn of a bright blue color and begin to wind on the template.

Step 4

We make dense uniform winding until the patterns themselves disappear under the yarn and the winding becomes 1 cm thick.

Step 5

Now take the thin scissors and carefully cut the thread, pushing the scissors between the patterns.

Step 6

Now between the patterns we pass a woolen thread of the same color that we used in the winding. We stretch the thread and tie it into a strong knot.

Step 7

Holding the pom-pom with your hand, carefully remove the cardboard template. By the same principle we make 10-12 multi-colored pompons.

Step 8

Woolen pompoms for a scarfare ready.  

We spread the finished pompons on a flat surface, think over their order. We bind the pompoms to each other with the help of a hook and woolen thread, the resulting scarf can be worn separately or sewed to a conventional scarf in the form of a decorative element.

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