New Year's master class "Christmas tree"

Today we will play the role of wizards and turn the most common pine cone into a New Year tree. For work we will need: - a lump; - a lid from a pancake; - gouache paints, - plasticine - beads or beads; - glue a moment -glitter, - a figure with New Year themes.  Herringbone
1. We thickly paint the cone with white paint, wait until it is completely dry.
2. Put green gouache on top of white paint.
3. The bottom of the lid from the drops is tightly laid with clay. We make a hole for the bump with a match.
4. We paint over the bottom with white gouache, pre-sprinkled with flour.
5. Glue the cone to the stand.
6. We make miniature gifts and decorations from plasticine.
7.We decorate the cone with beads by putting them on the Moment glue.
8. Glue a souvenir "Snowmen" and plasticine gifts. 9. We decorate the toy with glitter with sparkles.
Our herringbone is ready. If desired, the souvenir can be packaged in transparent mica. Feel free to put it under the tree, with the coming!

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