Yellow crochet swimsuit with a crochet

We will knit a brightYellow swimsuit with hook daisies, you will not be left unnoticed in such a swimsuit.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% cotton, 240m / 50g) 60 grams yellow;
  2. some white yarn;
  3. hook number 2.

Pattern Description

Swimsuit size: 36-38.

Knitting description


We knit 2 cups according to Scheme 1, connecting them together. We tie both cups 1 next to Art. b / n, tie the bottom edge with another 3-4 rows of art. b / n. Twist and sew stitches.

We knit chamomiles according to scheme 2: with a yellow thread, we dial 5 air blown, closing it into a ring. In the center of the ring, the 14 st. b / n. Then we knit the petals with a white thread.


Recruit a chain of 15 airs. and knit art. s / n 4 rows without additions. Then we knit 25 rows, adding 1 tbsp in each row on both sides. s / n After this we return to the initial chain from the air flow. and knit in the other direction (rear) is similar to the front, but 30-31 row. Then we tie the entire part 1 next to Art. b / n.

We twist and sew the strings, decorate with camomiles.

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