Yogurt at Home

Lovely beautiful mommies and daddies, as well as their kids! I want to share my friendship experience with young residents of fermented milk products. Whole cow's milk is difficult to digest by children under three years old, and many adults generally do not digest it well. This can be determined by such signs as flatulence, flatulence, abdominal pain. While dairy products are very useful to all from small to large. They are absorbed much easier, and contain in their composition a lot of beneficial bacteria that are very necessary for the human intestine. In case of chronic constipation and diarrhea, with frequent colds, weakened immunity, problems with the gallbladder and its ducts, after antibiotic and chemotherapy, our friends will help our microscopic. Today, everyone has a great opportunity to be friends with these small useful creatures, without leaving home, to cook yogurts and delicious bacterial drinks (“Narine”, “Simbilact”, “Bifivit” and others). To make yogurt, for example, you need a yoghurt maker (in her absence, a thermos), milk, a yogurt bacterial starter, as well as a mixer and five to ten minutes of time. One liter of milk is boiled and cooled to a temperature of 40 degrees. If the milk is pasteurized from the original packaging, it is not necessary to boil it, but only slightly heat it up. As a bacterial starter, you can use bacterial starter cultures for yogurt (dry powder in vials), store-bought classic yogurt without additives, and chemist's preparations with lacto-and bifidobacteria (1-2 tablets (or powder) per 1 liter of milk). In the vial of dry powder add cooled boiled water. The bottle is closed and shaken well. Pour the liquid with bacteria into the container with milk. We use a whisk, or rather a mixer, to mix everything so that the bacteria are evenly distributed throughout the whole volume.
yogurt at home conditions
When the foam settles, we pour on jars (or in a thermos, if there is no yogurtnitsy). Turn on the yogurt, cover with a lid. In the case of a thermos, we close, wrap a thermos and put it on the central heating battery. We notice time.I personally write on a piece of paper when I put the sourdough and the approximate time when it is necessary to check the readiness of yogurt. It can take from four and a half to eight hours. The advantage of yogurt is that its walls are transparent and immediately visible, curled milk or not. In addition, it maintains a constant temperature. Even if you opened the lid and took out the jar, the temperature fluctuations are insignificant.
yogurt at home conditions
 yogurt at home
 yogurt at home
Here, we are seeing a nice structure coagulated milk. We get a jar, open it. Ah, what a nice fragrance! Yogurt is ready. Fresh, useful without GMOs. We put this little miracle in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for 2-3 days. And at room temperature - five hours. In the finished yogurt, you can add fruit, jam, nuts. Who that taste. Do not throw it all in advance with the leaven! Bacteria of humor will not understand. The finished product can be consumed by adults and children from six to eight months (even when the mother decided to give the baby sour-milk products). I want to wish everyone good luck and creative success.

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