You can make an original rug from old jeans

Very often we throw away old, scuffed clothes. And very much in vain! For example, you can make an original rug from old jeans, and even those who are barely familiar with the crochet can do it.
You will need

- jeans - 12 pairs;
- hook number 10;
- scissors.

Let's start:
1 So, first we need to make them "yarn", that is, cut them and cut them into strips. Cut the jeans, cut the seams, then cut out the long strips, the width of which should not exceed 1 centimeter.
2. Of course, it would be best if such a thread is continuous, because you will agree that we don’t need extra knots. This problem can be solved. As soon as you come to the bottom of the leg, cut out such a strip so that it is exactly 2 times wider than the thread, after which it is simply cut into two.
3 Cut all the jeans into strips, then gently wind the given “yarn” into a ball.
4 Getting to knitting rug.As mentioned earlier, this is nothing complicated. First, we collect the required number of air loops. Keep in mind that during knitting the width of the product will increase by about 5 centimeters.5 After the air chain is dialed, we begin to knit the mat with columns without a crochet. To make your product stronger, you should hook the hook over the two walls of the loop while knitting.
6 We knit the rug with single crochets until the very end. Be ready to knit a denim "yarn" more difficult than usual. The difficulty is basically that the loops are simply not noticeable. So take your time and do everything extremely carefully.
7 After you have finished the first ball, take a new one and tie it with a double knot. The ends of the thread must be hidden in the loops of the product.
8 At the end of the work you need to tie the rug with single crochets, and then hide the threads.

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