You can not throw away: 12 ingenious ways to use tea bags

The invention of teabags is attributed to the American retailer Thomas Sullivan, and the approximate launch date of this know-how is attributed to the beginning of the 20th century. When the seller of groceries dawned that it was possible to sell tea in portions in small silk bags, he did not even know what non-standard ways to use this invention would come up with people all over the world.

Means against swelling of the eyes

The method used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Tea contains tannins tannins, essential oils, a number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Therefore, it is useful for both oral and compresses. The experience of women of many generations proves: lotion made of green or black tea can remove the morning swelling of the eyes, reduce bruises under the eyes. A strong infusion of tea (black or green) with a spoonful of dry wine is used for conjunctivitis.

By the way, if you accidentally put a bruise, attach a brewed tea bag to it - so the hematoma will pass faster.

Because of the antiseptic properties of tannin acid, tea bags soaked in boiling water are used to treat and prevent such an unpleasant disease as barley.

Unusual marinade for meat and fish

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Write down: a liter of strong black tea, salt, a little lemon juice, onion rings and your favorite spices for meat. In this mixture, marinate pork or mutton for about five hours, then string them onto skewers and fry like a regular kebab. The meat will be unusually juicy.

By the way, this is a very timely life hacking, because there is spring in the yard!

There are a number of recipes for salting fish, for example, mackerel, with the addition of black tea infusion - the fish turns out salted and tan-golden, like smoked.

Dishwashing liquid

Supporters of an eco-friendly lifestyle do not use purchased detergent, but pour dirty water in the sink with hot water, and put some used tea bags into the water. After a few hours, dishes can be easily washed, and the bags themselves can be used as a sponge.

Natural deodorant

Knowledgeable people say: tea bags are able to absorb odors. Dry, unused sachets or “pyramids” with green tea can be put in shoes at night to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Used, but dry portioned packets of tea can be placed next to the trash can, in the fridge it will work as a natural air purifier.

Natural flavor

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Our mothers and grandmothers put bed linen in the closet with pieces of fragrant soap: the sheets with pillowcases then smell good and do not like moth fragrances.

Another way to aromatize bed linen is to put it in bags of fragrant tea with herbs or dry citrus peel. Sleeping on such fragrant linen will be sweeter.

Skin medicine

On hot summer days, the “kisses of the sun” often turn into real “bites”. If you are burned under hot rays, compresses and even baths with tea will help you.

This drink has the ability to heal minor wounds and skin lesions. Brew more bags of the simplest green tea and arrange yourself spa salons at home.

In the same way, prickly heat in small children can be treated in summer. If you do not have pharmacy herbs for bathing a child, brew a bag of green tea and add the infusion to the water. Just keep in mind: a bath with tea soothes the skin, but the child can also cheer.

Sachet with tea without additives can be used for anti-inflammatory facial masks.

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Eco-friendly dye

In this era of great interest in all sorts of needlework tea bags - just a godsend. By the way, in China, it is customary to boil eggs in a tea leaf, which means we can do this - they are painted the same way as, for example, in onion peel.

Infusion of green, red and black tea can be tinted fabric for embroidery and other manipulations with a needle and thread, tint the paper for scrapbooking.

Wooden surfaces cleaner

Brewing several used tea bags, add the resulting infusion to the water for washing wooden floors and parquet. The one who tried to do this, says that not a single “chemistry” can be compared - the parquet is shining.

The same method can be used to clean wooden shelves in kitchen and other cabinets. To clean dark brown wooden furniture or the floor, use black tea - it will also tint the surface, disguising minor scratches or cracks.

Tint hair dye

Strong infusion of black tea can give a fresh chestnut tint to dark hair. In addition, tannins contained in the drink, will make hair stronger, "air-conditioned". We will not repeat about the unique composition of tea: what is good for the eyes, it will benefit both the scalp and the hair.

Fertilizer from nature itself

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Gardeners and flower growers are aware of the remarkable properties of tea leaves. The contents of the “used” tea bags are poured into the ground for indoor flowers or on flowerbeds and loosen the soil well. Loose tea is an excellent fertilizer for plants. Important: only black tea and without any chemical flavors!

Experienced garden flower lovers simply bury used brewing sachets in flowerbeds - they scare off plant pests

Help tool for manicure

Pulp pack for tea masters use in emergency situations - when the nail is cracked or cracked. A piece of packaging from a tea bag is cut out, applied to a cleaned and covered with a manicure “base” nail in the place of fracture or crack, smoothed, dried and covered with another layer of “base”.Nail - as good as new, you can use.

Original gift

Funny gift bouquets are now made from everything - from beer cans and men's socks, from sausages and smoked meats, from teddy bears, from fruits and sweets. And imagine from tea bags too!

Imagine how you can present a composition: a bouquet of the favorite sorts of tea of ​​the hero of the occasion, at the very core - a few chocolates in foil! It would be a fantasy, but his hands grew from where needed. Tea sachets for a bouquet are used, of course, not “stripped”, but in individual envelopes.

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