Your Home Restricted Access System

At present, already every owner of a private house agrees that restricting access to his land plot has a big role in ensuring his own security. Professional equipment and services for the installation of a limited access system is not a cheap pleasure. Now there are video intercoms on sale, which already have not only color screens, but also call panels, as well as electromechanical locks. On the basis of data sets, you can mount an effective system of limited access to a private home.  Your home's restricted access system
Let's look at the basic elements of a restricted access system that will be needed for installation: br>- electromagnetic or electromechanical lock (for example, Polis-1M); - multicore conductive power copper wire (double insulation) with a section of 0.5 sq. mm,if the distance from the call panel to the intercom is small, you can apply the usual twisted pair of a network version (four from the video doorphone of the outside panel and two power supplies from the UPS to the controller); - uninterrupted or backup power source (UPS) with a specified power battery, the purpose of providing a certain period of power without an external home network (for example, SKAT-1200); - two-core power copper wire (double insulation) with a cross section of 0.75 sq. mm (UPS supply); - two-core power copper wire (double insulation) with a cross section of 0.5 sq. mm (from the UPS to the intercom); - call panel, with a call button, having a microphone and video camera; - access key reader and, respectively, Dallas keys for the reader; - Z-5R controller; - video intercom with a monochrome or color screen .
System limited access your home
The territory of a private house around the perimeter is fenced, and the gate for entry of vehicles and the entrance gate are closed from the inside and equipped with I access.The entrance panel, a key reader and an electromechanical or electromagnetic lock are installed at the entrance gate. The electromagnetic lock must be constantly energized, it keeps the gate through electromagnetic forces, therefore, it is more volatile.  Your home's restricted access system The controller can be installed in a protective box or waterproof the case and serves to control the operation of the lock, allows you to open it by touching the key to the reader.
Restricted Access System your home
An uninterruptible power supply is installed in a room near the electricity input panel with batch switches. The laying of electrical wires will be in this order: - 4-wire line from the video intercom to the calling panel; - 2-wire amplified line to the UPS from the household electrical network, 220 volts; - 2-wire line from the UPS to power the controller, 12 volts; - 2-wire line from the UPS to power the video intercom, 12 volts. The video intercom is installed in any location convenient for you.As I used the intercom inexpensive device Chinese manufacturer Eplutus EP-2288 with color display and calling button equipped with a camera and a microphone. He has an outside panel with a camera of good resolution, enclosed in an anti-vandal waterproof housing. There is no audio handset to communicate with the visitor, as the speakerphone is implemented in this model. In addition, the video intercom is equipped with two audio-video inputs, so you can connect an additional two video cameras and increase the visibility of the protected area. The use of a limited access system is as follows, when you press a button on the call panel of the area fencing door, a signal is sent to the video intercom. The doorphone automatically activates the video function and the microphone is turned on. To remotely open the lock on the gate of the entrance gate, just press the doorphone button. In addition, the installed controller and key reader Dallas allows you to open the lock outside the protected area using encrypted electronic keys. In this case, at the necessary level of security of the site,the penetration of unauthorized persons is effectively limited.
Your Home's Restricted Access System
To supply power to this system, an uninterruptible power supply (voltage of 12 volts) capable of powering the intercom, controller and electromechanical lock, even in the absence of external power. If you have disconnected the external power supply, then a backup power source for a day or more will ensure battery operation of the entire system.
Restricted Access System your home
The controller mounted in a separate building is used to provide the lock triggering, reader operation and key programming. Connection to the controller of all elements is carried out according to the instructions in the kit. Using the specified algorithm specified in it, it is possible to copy access keys, for example, if necessary, expand the circle of people at the entrance to the territory or in case of loss.The keys for the reader are programmed in any number, and you can distribute them to everyone who has access to the site of the house. The cost of the access key, to that is small, accordingly to program a key it is possible to all persons who can pass on a site without hindrance at any time. By the way, let you do not care about the opportunity to get to you not desirable guests, even having an access key, for example, if you lose it. You can easily reprogram all the keys in a matter of minutes or use the master key to block the opening of the lock with all the other keys, one touch to the reader will suffice. This whole system can be equipped with security sensors attached to the controller, which will give a signal to the siren when the door or window is opened.
 Restricted Access System of Your Home
 Restricted Access System of Your Home
When installing the entire system, I was faced with incorrect operation of the controller and the form door phone with electric lock. After a few trial and error, I determined the reason.The power supply from the video intercom to the lock and from the key reader is not separated (these are two systems working in parallel), in order to separate them it was enough to put simple diodes that pass current only in one direction, allowing it to operate separately.

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