Zoryana Marchenko: “I didn’t have any shuttles”

Interview with the main character of the series "Russia 1" "shuttle".
- How similar are you with your heroine “Chelnochnits” Alisa Gribova? What awaits her in the new season? Have you, in your relatives, been familiar with the shuttle share?
Zoryana Marchenko

- I, like Alice, love my family, appreciate friends. Probably, I am as goal-oriented as she, I know what I want in life. In the new season, Alice continues to achieve her goals, she is fully set to work. If in the previous season she had her first love, now romantics are much less - mostly work. No, there were no shuttles at home. In the 90s I was small, but my mother told me how difficult time was, everyone survived as best she could, there were many shuttles.

Photo: film "Russian"
- How could you characterize your style? Do you consider yourself a fashionista? How important, in your opinion, is an attractive appearance for an actress?
Zoryana Marchenko

- I do not consider myself a woman of fashion.Most likely, I would call my style sports, I like to be comfortable in clothes - these are mostly jeans, T-shirts, tracksuits, sneakers, sneakers, backpacks ... And as a teenager, at 16, I put on beautiful dresses and shoes in heels ... But when I grew up, I realized that comfortable clothes and shoes are much more important for me than beautiful. As for the appearance of the actress, the attractiveness sometimes helps, but sometimes it interferes with something. Here is a beautiful face, a slim figure and the directors have a stereotype, they begin to offer the actress the same type of roles - femme fatal women, women of separation, a bitch ... And then it is difficult to break out of this role. In my opinion, the appearance for the actress is not the most important thing; it is necessary that she have her own inner world and talent. There are many actresses who can not be called super beauty women, but at the same time they attract attention to themselves so much that it is impossible to look away from them.

- What are you capable of for the sake of a family in the most extreme case, in the most difficult and hopeless situation?
Zoryana Marchenko

- For the sake of the family, I'm really ready for anything. But, fortunately, in my life there were no situations for me to make difficult fateful decisions.

- How do you feel about horses? Was it difficult on the set with these animals in the series “While the village sleeps”?
Zoryana Marchenko

- Yes, it was difficult. At the very beginning, when I was preparing for the role I was engaged with horses, everything was fine, but then the mare suffered me twice. And I was very scared, until the end of the shooting I could not cope with these emotions. There was a fear that never went away. Well, horses themselves are wonderful creatures, we just somehow didn’t have a relationship.

- In your Instagram you sometimes recommend movies. What are the criteria for selecting them for viewing?
Zoryana Marchenko

- This is basically the movie, which, according to my feelings, it seems good, you can enjoy the acting, the dynamics of the plot ... My favorite genres are drama, melodrama, thriller.

- You have an unusual name - Zoryana. Know what it means? What are your affectionate parents and friends?
Zoryana Marchenko

- The name means "life." House name is: Zorya, Zoryasha, Zorenka.

- What book are you reading now?
Zoryana Marchenko

- At the moment I don’t read, but I listen to the audiobook of the famous psychologist Mikhail Litvak, I’m interested in his point of view on life relationships, family ...

- You are already married for the second time.What are the lessons learned from your first marriage? What mistakes never make in a relationship?
Zoryana Marchenko

- Frankly, you do not need to immediately run to the registry office and quickly put a stamp in your passport. This way absolutely does not give anything - this is the main thing that I made after my divorce. It is necessary to live with a person and get to know him better.

Photo: film "Russian"
- What do you think, what will you definitely need to teach your daughter, preparing her for adult life?
Zoryana Marchenko

- To be strong, courageous, but remain kind and responsive, be able to love, appreciate, respect parents, never give in to difficulties and always believe that you are beautiful, smart, healthy, happy, in a word, you are the best.

- What “sacrifices” for the role would you agree to: could you cut your hair or get over 30 kilograms? Did you have to perform any stunts while filming?
Zoryana Marchenko

- I could have a haircut, but looking for what role. If she is very interested in me, then certainly, yes. And although I am inclined to be overweight, I would risk taking kilograms for an interesting role too. I do not perform the tricks myself, there are specially trained people who are engaged in this and in whom such scenes will be much safer than mine.

- When did you leave the decree to work? How do you like to spend time with the baby?
Zoryana Marchenko

- My daughter is now two years and three months old. Agatha is kind, clever for her age, understanding and open to the world. Loves communication, meet new people. We go with her to children's entertainment centers, have lunch or dinner somewhere. I was on maternity leave for two years, but recently I had to leave my daughter and grandmother because of the filming of “Chelnochnits” and another parallel project in Kiev. More than a month Agatha not seen. For me, this is a disaster, and for my daughter it is also stress. Here I look forward to our meeting. I hope that I will soon become more free and we will finally see you. Thanks to grandmother for the support and the opportunity to be realized.

- Do you like traveling? Where to rest this summer?
Zoryana Marchenko

- I love to travel, I am an easy-going person. True, it so happens that I rest a little, but my heart breaks into some distant and beautiful region. In the summer, too, did not come to rest, was on the set. True, after the maternity leave, this work was a joy. Be sure the whole family will plan a vacation in the near future.

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