Digital Transformation in Chain Restaurant Ecosystem Forum
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《Keynote Speech》
1:00 Digital Transformation of Food & Restaurant Industry in Japan Under the New Normal – Akihiro Nisugi / Managing Director, Funai Consulting Incorporated

28:30 Digital transformation of food & restaurant industry in Korea facing Covid-19- Park, Ho Jin / Secretary General, Korean Franchise Association (KFA)

40:16 Digital transformation of chain restaurant industry in low touch economy- Huang, Chao-Jen / Director General, Commerce Development Research Institute

《Panel Discussion》
1:08:33 Digital Transformation of Chain Restaurant Ecosystem in Taiwan
Host: Elina H. L. Lee, Executive Vice President, TAITRA
1. Ben Ke Deputy Secretary-General, Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan
2. Ray Weng Director, YoungQin International Co.,Ltd.
3. May Kang Chief Executive Officer, LaFresh Information
4. Grace Liu Business Development Manager, Advantech iCity Services (AiCS)
5. Liang-Ju Chen Chairman, I HOME SMART Technology Company