Did you know that 70,000+ US veterans own a franchise? Gross $140B a year? $24.4B in labor and hiring? Or produce $41.6B in gross domestic product? Sometimes you do not have to go through the learning curve of starting your own business if your tired of the corporate world. Sometimes all you need to do is plug your determination, mission centric mindset, discipline and all the other soft skills we are known for as veterans into a proven viable business to create an impactful life post military? In this episode you’ll learn from United States Marine veteran and CEO of Veteran Franchise Advisers, Richard Ashe on how to be successful being an executive of global tech company and an entrepreneur and why he would bet his 30 years of business experience on why you can have everything you want and more by owning a franchise! 

Impactful Moments of the Show:  4:00MM: His upbringing from the Bronx, middle-class family, and what he learned from his experience being a United States Marine. 

8:00MM: What to do after you have mastered the technical skills of your profession. 

9:00MM: His crash burns along the way to becoming a CEO. 

12:00MM: A pivotal question to ask yourself when feeling stuck in life.

16:00MM: Where ambitious vets go wrong in business.  20:00MM: Chase the passion.. money finds passion. 

24:00MM: Why Franchising? 

26:00MM: Compelling reasons on why you would be interested in franchising.. 

28:00MM: A mindset shift on your process to personal and professional branding and execution.

30:00MM: The TOP soft-skills required to be successful in life post-military. 

34:00MM: Why consistency is key in life and business.  

36:00MM: Numbers behind why ambitious vets thrive in starting franchises. 

38:00MM: What do you need to set yourself up for success being a successful franchisee. 

45:00MM: Difference between pitching a bank with a franchise and your own business idea. 

49:00MM: Some Cons to franchising and how to get ahead of them. 

52:00 MM: Three Golden Grenades: 

• Never Stop Learning- what don’t I know?? 
• Passion- people buy why.
• Watch your money— Rich people get richer for a reason. 
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