Backup and disaster recovery go hand in hand, but recovery is not possible with out a solid backup system in place.

At Technology Solutions our experienced team can create a backup system specifically for your business that is sound and efficient.

We’ll work within the confines of your budget and make sure that you get the maximum benefit for every disaster scenario that you may face.

We’ve been partnering with businesses across the country for over 20 years and we take backup and disaster recovery very seriously.

According to multiple sources, in 2017, hardware failure was defined as the #1 cause of all unplanned downtime for businesses.
No matter what the cause is, we understand that when it comes to business, time is money.

Every minute that your systems aren’t functioning properly represents significant financial risk and we don’t take that lightly.

With Tech Solutions backup and disaster recovery solutions, you will no longer worry about your entire operation coming to a stop every time you run into an IT problem.

Be prepared for any disruptive event no matter the source.
After 20 years and helping over 500 businesses, we’ve seen it all, but we never rest on our laurels.

Responding to a disruptive event requires an up to date DR plan, a BDR that works every time, and a team who knows how to react quickly and properly using the right tools.

Our mission at Tech Solutions is to turn mountains into speed bumps when it comes to disruptions for your business.

Minimal downtime.

Every time.

Tech Solutions handles both hardware refreshes and migration for new hardware, and well as Virtual Machines (VM), and infrastructure migrations to the cloud whether it be Azure or AWS.
Don’t let your entire business come to a halt just because a server goes down or a hard drive dies on you.

Our team at Tech Solutions is made up of master planners. Ready for any and every backup and disaster recovery scenario.

We have a plan for every business so that when a server crashes, your business doesn’t go down with it.

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