Listen to a recent graduate of our commercial finance training program discuss with you how our business opportunity is valuable and worth the investment.

Mr. Rodino made the investment into our program and could not be happier with his decision. He previously owned a mortgage company and also served as an IT security analyst for a large financial corporation.

Mr. Rodino was primarily pleased with the Commercial Capital Training Group network of lenders that he was introduced to and had the ability to fund his transactions through his finance business with these particular lenders.

He was also extremely enthused about our instructors and the amount of experience they were able to bring to the training session. Hearing their stories of the industry and obtaining knowledge about how to run this type of business was exceptionally valuable to Mr. Rodino.

He was able to establish a lucrative family business that he is continually growing and he is enjoying a lot more of his life by being his own boss and generating an income that has exceeded his expectations.

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