Franchise School Vs Open Your Own School | Difference Between Franchise & Individual School.
Mr. Hamaad Ghafoor Ghawaas is an educationist, entrepreneur, founder & CEO of several successful educational ventures under which he has developed & operated educational services to meet the 21st-century market economy. He is an expert in areas of franchise management, education businesses, developing the latest EdTech tools & presenting keynote speeches around the country, Turkey & China. He has worked with various organizations, politicians, activists, parliamentarians, and business personalities to promote education. Recently launched Pakistan’s first ten-star Schools Network focused on modern education & Tarbiyah in Pakistan & to bring EdTech tools to revolutionize the traditional schooling systems. He is a frontline advocate on issues of 21st-century education in Pakistan by spearheading various schools, workshops, seminars, & public forums. He believes in diversity, inclusion, & equal opportunity. He has mentored thousands of university graduates on leadership & entrepreneurship in Pakistan.
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