Home-based, low investment, low fixed cost, reoccurring revenue—you’re getting all The Daly Coach franchise hot buttons in this video! Dave Pazgan from Kidokinetics is here to discuss a franchise opportunity you DON’T want to miss!

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Dave Pazgan has a long history of developing franchises successfully. He recently became the CEO and partner of a very young company that started out as a strong entrepreneurial concept without all the knowledge of how to build a strong franchise system. Dave came in and now is bringing Kidokinetics to market. He’s here to share the value proposition of a strong and sound entrepreneurial concept, being partnered with a backend engine of a strong franchisor who understands how to build a franchise system.

Kidokinetics is contributing something really important to society— the fundamentals of exercise, fitness, and sports. School programs have been limited. Kids spend way too much time on screens these days, and one out of five children is clinically obese. Kidokinetics was an opportunity to bring something to market that not only is a great fundamental business but does some real good in the world.

About 90% of their revenue is generated with institutional accounts—private schools, daycares, preschools, and Montessori schools. They offer two different programs. The first one is teaching PE classes paid for by the school. Many private schools don’t have enough enrollment to justify having a full-time PE teacher, and it’s difficult for them to staff a position that might only work 6–8 hours a week. That’s where they come in by teaching anywhere from 3–6 hours a week of PE classes. They bring all of the equipment and write the curriculum. It’s very much a plug-and-play solution for the schools, and it makes it easy for them to lean on Kidokinetics to solve their PE challenge.

Kidokinetics’ other institutional offering is their enrichment program, which is usually parent-paid. Students whose parents sign them up will break out of their regular class and join a Kidokinetics class, usually one time a week for 30 or 40 minutes. They put them through an enrichment program to teach a different sport every week. The other 10% of their revenue that’s not institutional is working in private classes with individual families and their kids, or they do birthday parties, field days, and other events along those lines.

Does the franchisee candidate have to be a gym teacher or have an athletic training degree? Absolutely not! They are looking for entrepreneurial-minded people with good leadership skills. They can delegate effectively. They’re going to build a team of coaches that are out teaching the classes, but they do need good sales skills. They need to get out to meet with the administrators and start to build those relationships. They want their owners to be running the business, not teaching classes—but that doesn’t mean that an owner is not going to teach a class from time to time.

This business is an example of what The Daly Coach calls a home-based, low investment, low fixed cost business—with almost unlimited earning potential. But remember: Home-based doesn’t mean you’re working from home necessarily. It means I don’t have to take on the overhead of a location because I’m mobile. I’m going out and doing business where my customers are. You’re bringing physical education into the school; therefore, you don’t need the big fixed expense with the high rent. But on the flip side, you can keep growing and growing to the number of schools and facilities in your area versus if you had a set location where you have to wait for people to come to you, and you cap out because you only are going to pull from about a 3–5-mile radius around your store.

It’s easy to understand how this business scales. How much revenue do you want to generate in a year? Divide that by the average annual revenue you get at a school or a daycare. That’s how many accounts that you need. And these are very strong, recurring revenue opportunities. Once they start working with the school, they almost never lose the school.

Kidokinetics has built an enterprise system that their franchises now use to run their businesses daily, including extensive training and support programs, a very detailed sales and marketing playbook, and a launch plan.

If you are inspired or interested in learning more about the Kidokinetics franchise opportunity, I want to be your Daly Coach. Leave a comment below or reach out directly at http://thedalycoach.com/contact.

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