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Start Your Own Battery Service Franchise Outlet
About Energy & Fire
We have complete solution with an improved and cost effective Battery Recovery Technology for all types of lead acid batteries. We are focused on reducing carbon foot print and limit the impact on the environment by prolonging the useful life span of all LEAD ACID BATTERIES.
We work on restoring battery capacity, prolonging service life span, prevent/delay sulphation formation in battery. Thereby improve battery performance and efficiency, reduce battery maintenance cost, reduce power consumption in battery charging, defer new battery purchase, and thus reduce battery acquisition costs.

Passion to Save and Protect is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life at ENERGY & FIRE. Saving Energy and Protecting you and your property is our business. With a network spanning all over India, ENERGY & FIRE has been recognized as the unparalleled leader in Battery Life enhancement, Energy Conservation and Fire Safety. In recognition of our outstanding growth and commitment to quality we have been recognized by the India Quality Appreciation Program in 2015.

Our highly skilled team of engineers is constantly designing, innovating, researching, supervising and supplying, quality products in the areas of Battery Life Enhancement, Energy Conservation and Fire Safety Technology to overcome even the most complex business challenges.