We had a new food delivery franchise concept come to our attention recently. Low investment, built-in demand, and definitely timely. Today on Franchise City. Link to learn more: https://www.franchise.city/franchise-inquiry

If you watch the channel you know that we are big fans of service based businesses. You can operate them from a home or small office, they are scalable, the investment is much lower than brick and mortar, and in some cases you can make as much as a fast food restaurant for a fraction of the investment. Most people don’t know that.

Today’s franchise feature is a food delivery concept that capitalizes on the recent surge in demand for food delivery. The franchise was actually created by a highly experienced franchisor, 40 years n the business and a multiple franchise owner who owned and operated hundreds of food franchise locations. He saw this huge need in this industry, lot’s of room for improvement and created this concept to help local restaurants and customers enjoy a better experience.

Most of you are familiar with apps like Door Dash, Instacart or Amazon Flex. These are very popular apps but like most first generation solutions have their problems and critics. These apps are not known as being very driver friendly and there has been criticisms that these companies use tips to subsidize the delivery persons base pay. Restaurant users also have their criticisms that the amount charged by these apps makes it hard for them to make any money.

So this franchise seeks to address all of these problems. First drivers get paid a fair amount drawing more local drivers to want to work for your franchise over these apps. Next, the franchise offers a flat fee to restaurant clients which keeps much more money in their pockets. Many restaurants right now are actively looking to be more competitive and want to save money wherever they can, especially if they can do it while maintaining a high level of service. The franchise technology also integrates directly into the restaurants existing order system, so it is not a third party app – so keeping more money in the local eco-system vs going to some silicon valley corporation. And that local touch is important, there are other details we’ll cover with interested parties.

The company has National alliances in place for the new franchisee to leverage to get ramped up quickly. They offer comprehensive training and support to start and operate the business. As with most emerging franchise concepts all the best territories are wide open for development, the exceptions are Miami and Massachusetts which are already sold out.

Because this is a new franchise we don’t have any financials, however the projections are relatively easy to calculate once you know the average profit per delivery, expected number of restaurant customers, and your expenses. Based on projections this appears to be a potentially lucrative and scalable business with low overhead and ongoing demand. (Projections are not a guarantee of future earnings)

Statistics show that digital ordering and food delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014. revenue and number of users is projected to increase substantially in the next few years. I don’t have a crystal ball but I expect once people get used to the convenience of home delivery they are likely to continue ordering online. Habits have likely been changed permanently by everything that happened in 2020.

We have seen food franchises that were able to adapt actually increase their revenue in 2020. Those that did not adapt suffered financially. This franchise helps restaurant owners capitalize on this demand for food delivery, and does it at a cost much lower than other delivery services.

This is a brand new franchise so new owners will benefit by joining on the ground floor of an emerging concept. The first onboarded Franchise investors will receive benefits for being one of the pioneers, and the first 20 franchisees receive a stake in the entire company with a quarter percentage ownership in the corporate entity. Owners in emerging franchise brands also get more of a voice in shaping the company culture. 5 franchises have already been awarded, 15 spots remain to get that incentive. If you are interested in being a pioneer franchisee contact us as soon as possible, the link is down below.

Business overview: Food delivery franchise created by a highly experienced industry expert, with an improved model that provides a better experience to drivers, restaurant owners, and customers.

Franchise $40k, multiple territories at a discount, total investment will range between $70k to $90k. If you need financing and have about 30% down we can help you with that, and there are ongoing forgiveness programs in place from the government, your Franchise City broker can help you learn more and help determine if this franchise is right for you.
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