A brief overview of the Better Software system and its functionality.

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Better Software provides Franchise Management and Small Business Management software for service-based businesses that are challenged with having to manage too many independent systems to operate effectively. We eliminate this challenge by compiling everything needed in one place.
Solutions for franchises and small businesses designed to ensure you can carry out your vision with technology.

Better Software provides management tools that give you a deeper understanding of what is happening throughout your business and insight into what your crews are doing out in the field.
Software to help manage and grow your service business. This cost-effective system provides a CRM, Quoting/Invoicing tool, Calendar, Emails, Text Messaging, Team Management, Reporting, and much more.

Our client management system is designed to ensure that your business has all of its client information within a single place. This includes estimates, product and invoice history, contact numbers, addresses, and any communication from clients including email and calls.
See which email templates are increasing email opens, clicks, etc. Add specific client properties or assets to individual profiles for pets, cars, houses, windows, and so much more. Upload documents, and pictures, and even track the job history of these assets.

Our success can only be achieved with your success. We provide a dynamic system that is then supported by an industry-leading customer service team who are there to ensure complete satisfaction.

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