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Seth helped us work through the process of evaluating several franchise opportunities. He gave us good guidance and sound advice. He gave us excellent referrals for things such as a franchise attorney and a firm to help us tap into our IRA funds to purchase the franchise. We go to training next week. Thank you, Seth, for your invaluable insights and help. — Susan Mullen, President/Owner at Savvy Business Solutions LinkedIn Review

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Frannexus matches you with the right franchise opportunity to fit your business goals. We have all the information on the best new franchises for sale now.

A franchise opportunity is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name or advertising symbol and an individual or group seeking the right to use that identification in a business. Generally, a franchisee sells goods or services supplied by the franchisor or sells goods or services that meet the franchisor’s quality standards. As a business model, franchising is essentially a finance vehicle for expansion of the concept. You, the franchisee, finance the startup of the individual franchised unit and pay licensing and royalty fees to the franchisor. This is opposed to the franchise company bearing the costs of opening its own units (many franchises do have company-owned stores along with franchised stores). The franchise agreement is a contract that governs the manner in which you will do business.

For the fees you pay, the franchisor licenses to you the use of the name of the business and provides other support. A franchise can be one of the best businesses to buy, because typically there is a business operating system in place, contracts for products or services sold, equipment packages, store design packages, etc. Many franchisors will also arrange for financing relationships. Some franchisors supply the product directly and make money on the sale of that product to you. Such an arrangement usually reduces or eliminates the royalties you would otherwise pay. Typically, you will pay an upfront license fee and then pay ongoing royalties—usually as a percentage of your sales—plus contribute to regional and/or national advertising funds. The franchisor will hopefully provide business expertise as well—operations management, marketing, selecting locations—and should provide training, typically at their corporate headquarters for one to two weeks, plus training and support as you plan and get your franchise unit ready to open.

As a franchisee you own the business, but you are subject to the guidelines of the franchise agreement—products, store décor, uniforms, where product is purchased, certain advertising guidelines, etc. Franchising may be a good option if you prefer a business with existing brand recognition and defined processes you can follow, instead of creating the business from scratch on your own. The service and support offered by a franchisor varies from chain to chain—and may not always live up to your expectations.

What’s the Right Franchise?
Seth Lederman and Frannexus can help match you with the top-rated franchises that suit your lifestyle and business goals. Some things to consider before you buy a franchise business are:
What are your interests?
How much capital do you have?
Do you want to develop multiple units?
What days or hours do you want to work?
How easy is it to re-sell your franchise and what are the restrictions or costs from the franchisor?

Your first choice should be to go with a more established chain with proven successes and lots of franchisees that can share their financial results with you before you commit. There are thousands of franchises in the United States. Utilize Seth Lederman at Frannexus to find the best franchises for you, and do the legwork for you. There are many franchises for sale, and Frannexus will match you with the right franchise opportunities.

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