How to read an ECG in a simple and practical way | explained in HINDI

#regularcrisis is dedicated to doctors and nurses who regularly manage crisis like situations in ICU & ER.

Intensive care unit and emergency department are the backbones of any hospital where all critical situations are managed. Everyday is a crisis like situation there and with time the team working there get used to it with. With time, their skill gets more sharpen with which they manage these situations more and more efficiently each time.

But most importantly, the experience which they accumulate is invaluable; their experiences teach them things which at times are not mentioned in the regular textbooks. What if this experience is shared with the doctors and nurses who are newly joined in ICU and ER! serves this purpose only. We share educational material (mainly videos and forums discussion) which is a blend of latest guidelines and rich experience of ICU and ER teams.

We hope that his small effort of ours will be of some help to those working in ICU and ER.

Update: is now affiliated with ESBICM* for creating educational videos for health care working in ICU and ER.
*Educational Society of Bedside Intensive Care Medicine

regularcrisis is founded by Dr. Ankur Gupta, an Intensivist.