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Nicholas Ashford is a founding partner at Fordhouse, a specialist UK SME buy-and-build fund. He leads the MSP sector investment and is responsible for post-acquisition integration and transformation across the portfolio companies at Fordhouse.

Prior to Fordhouse, Nicholas was an SME owner-manager, leading the business successfully through more than 10 acquisitions and integrations. He cut his teeth as a Strategy Consultant, working across Europe, the Middle-East and Far-East advising multi-billion dollar corporates.

Nicholas has two young children and splits his time between Fordhouse’s offices in Westminster and Hampshire where he lives. An ex-rugby player, you may occasionally find him lurking near a gym pretending he’s “still got it” when time permits.

⏰ Story Duration:
00:00 Who is Nicholas Ashford & What is the investing thesis
01:24 What kind of companies are you looking for?
02:11 Is 2M your cutoff? How hard is that cutoff?
03:15 What is the investment timeframe and what timeframe?
04:46 How do you value the MSPs?
07:09 What are the key elements that drive valuation?
09:05 What about the other terms beyond the value?
13:04 Are you trying to retain leadership?
14:19 Talk to me about the current market – slowing down?
16:11 Here’s an example MSP – let’s walk through the value
21:13 Let’s talk EBIDTA
22:34 What’s the biggest warning sign?
23:47 How hands-on are you with companies you buy?
25:15 What advice do you give to potential sellers?
27:06 How can people reach Nicholas?

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