How many times have you sunk time into scoping out a prospect only to find out you’ve been underbid?

Losing out in competitive deals can be painful. Almost as painful as getting stuck with deals that are unprofitable because you got squeezed into lowering your price. How can you avoid both of these scenarios and walk away on top? For starters, watch this knockout sales training session with Lifecycle Insights founder Alex Farling and Valiant Technology President Georg Dauterman.

They share practical tips you can use to steal the advantage away from low-priced competitors and win more prospects on your terms.

Check out the replay to learn:

– How to find out as soon as possible if a deal is competitive
– How to beat competitors to the punch by establishing the buying & competitive criteria in your favor
– What “landmine” questions to set for competitors
– Whether to hand over your proposal or charge for it
– How to avoid a race to the bottom on price
– And more

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