If you’ve got ass blasters…you’ve got Graboids! Time to rank all 7 of the Tremors films from worst to best. What’s your ranking? #Tremors #Graboids #Ranking

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What can you expect from Mr Hat Movie Reviews?
– Reviews for new releases that I wish to see
– Horror reviews every Sunday of older standalone films
– Horror Franchise Wednesday where I review a horror movie part of a series
– Occasional trailer reactions
– Occasional rankings, and top 10’s

Movie Rating System:
Masterpiece- A+ (Everyone must see!)
Buy it!- B to A (Worth watching again and owning)
Redbox- C- to B- (only worth one watch, rent, borrow or stream)
Wasted Time- D- to D+ (Boring, not worth watching)
Blow My Brains Out- F (painful to watch, rather kill myself)

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