There are many factors which contribute to your decision to buy a franchise business. Territory, financing, company culture, and more. But what about trusting your gut? It worked for this franchisee! See more.

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Tiffiny Consoli worked in retail for 13 years prior to starting her Pool Scouts franchise. While she enjoyed the fast paced nature of retail, she dreamed of something bigger… something that was hers! Tiffiny explains:

“I felt like I could achieve my financial goals easier and just have something that I wanted to own for myself and then also be able to kind of own my own time. I was working nights, weekends, holidays, and so I wanted to have a business where I could have a little bit more flexibility in my time and kind of choose when I work.”

In franchising, I coach my candidates to work ON their business rather than IN their business. Tiffiny has been a Pool Scouts franchisee for six years, and she describes her day-to-day role in the business:

“Starting out, I was in almost every aspect of the business. But as we’ve grown, I’ve been able to hire more people and have more full time roles. So I’m able to to step away from some of the the day to day stuff. That doesn’t mean, though, I still don’t answer phone calls from time to time or process an invoice to help my office team. But for the most part, I’m overseeing the business. I might take a van to get an oil change sometimes, so it’s just a little bit of everything, but but mostly just supporting my team, my team of office and technicians in the field.”

In franchising, the way to grow and build is through scaling. Tiffiny explains that she purchased more than one territory of Pool Scouts and has plans to grow:

“I actually purchased three. But the third one was 2 hours away. We opened it up and then decided that our Raleigh business was doing so well, didn’t want to stretch ourselves too thin. And so we ended up selling the third territory and focusing on what was working really well in the first two. We feel like we have so much more potential. We have revenue goals in mind that we want to get to. And we just want to keep growing and be the the biggest and best pool cleaning service in Raleigh and the surrounding area. So we’re very focused on that and potentially maybe even bring in another business here real soon.”

Pool Scouts is one of the amazing and popular brands under the Buzz Franchise Brands umbrella. If Tiffiny’s story inspires you to explore a Pool Scouts franchise or any other franchise opportunity, I’d love to coach you through the process.

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