In the world of business, there are always new and innovative ways to get in front of your target market. In this video, we will be interviewing Alex Oswiecinski, Founder of Prospect Direct Franchise. He is an expert in the field of franchise lead generation and has some great insights on where the industry is headed. If you’re interested in learning more about the future of Franchise Lead Generation, be sure to watch this interview!

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00:00 Introduction
00:56 How did you get into the franchising space?
02:18 Did you have other resources?
03:16 What type of franchisors are you working with?
04:07 What are the options for lead generation?
07:07 How have you differentiated with your business model?
09:55 How about texting?
10:43 How many leads they need a month?
15:48 How do you get that ideal candidate based on your past success?
17:17 Who’s the ideal point of contact in the franchise organizations really nurture this lead?
18:28 Are there any clients that the structure has worked very well for you to really scale up?
21:28 How have you seen the franchise industry in the last 15 years?
23:49 Owned and operated private equity franchise vs. franchise with founder present in the business
25:05 International expansion
29:12 Concluding thoughts

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