What are the biggest myths and misconceptions about franchising? As a Franchise Consultant with two decades of experience, here are my Top 10 Franchising Myths!

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Myth 1: It’s the franchisor’s job to find customers for me
Myth 2: Build it and they will come
Myth 3: Prior experience is important to be successful
Myth 4: It’s a franchisor’s fault when a franchisee fails
Myth 5: Franchisors get rich at my expense through royalties
Myth 6: I should use earnings claims to make an investment decision
Myth 7 Franchisees don’t own their business
Myth 8: Inconsistent validation on earnings is a reason to not invest in a franchise
Myth 9: Franchising is for dummies
Myth 10: I will have to work 24/7 to be successful in my business

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