Using The Media To Grow Your MSP Business

MSPs Share Insights Into Getting Media Coverage

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Ilan Sredni, Palindrome Consulting (
Kenny Riley, Velocity IT (
Anthony Buonaspina, LI Tech Advisors (

In a recent interview, top managed IT services providers shared their insights into building a successful MSP by leveraging the media to increase their brand, credibility, and more.

According to one top Ulistic client, the key is identifying “what makes you different and better than your competitors.” By consistently communicating this message across all channels – including social media, website content, blog posts, and press releases – you can create a strong brand that prospective clients will remember and trust.

Another important tip is to be responsive to media inquiries and take every opportunity to showcase your expertise.

Whether it’s being interviewed for an article or participating in a panel discussion, media exposure is an effective way to build credibility and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

You can give your MSP a competitive edge and attract new clients by following these tips.

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00:00 – Introduction to the Ulistic High Performance Club
01:08 – What is the SEO benefit of media and PR
04:12 – Meet your Ulistic HPC member panel
09:45 – You need to make time for marketing
13:42 – Check out
15:48 – Anthony Buonaspina tricks for media
21:09 – Ilan Sredni tricks for media
23:51 – Ranking for managed services in tough
24:38 – How media fuels all your digital marketing
28:44 – How you can use media in your marketing
34:40 – Anthony Buonaspina shares a great idea
36:40 – Everything is newsworthy
41:49 – Questions and Answers

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